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Spiritual Tip Today | July 14th

Spiritual Tip Today | July 14th

Draw near to God and He will come near to you.

James 4:8

Are you near to God? Do you feel his presence of peace and sustaining strength?  If not, could it be that you have not drawn near to Him.  God never leaves us, but He will wait for us to draw ourselves near to Him.  He does not force himself on us, rather desires that we establish a relationship with him.  How do we establish that relationship?  As with any relationship, through communication.  How do we communicate with him and draw near to him?  By setting our hearts and minds on him.  Prayer is the quintessential means of communicating with our Lord.  When we show him that we want to be near to him, he will make himself known to us.  He does not expect great fanfare or pomp and circumstance in our prayers and petitions, he only wants us to reach out and let him be a part of everything we do.  When we take that first step, he will not reject us and we can begin our journey of life in a relationship with him that will be filled with his blessings.  If you are not already on your life journey with God, begin today by drawing near to him and begin daily dialogue with him and feel his presence in all that you do.


—Written by The Lighthouse mentors.

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