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The Vision

Jenny is a big believer that by simply planting a seed, people will have the opportunity to create their own bond with Jesus. For her, the seed was planted when she was eight years old through "stories" from the Bible, and throughout her life, her bond and relationship with Jesus continues to grow stronger. 

When Jenny's inspiration for The Lighthouse sparked, the concept revolved around creating a virtual location for people to find inspirational items that remind them to always lean on God. But this is just the start. The vision for The Lighthouse shines further. 


Our Goal

For The Lighthouse to open a physical store in Boerne, Texas that serves as both the store and a "safe place" for individuals who are facing personal struggles to find refuge. We hope to staff a team of coaches that specialize in guiding people through specific challenges such as:

  • teenage pregnancy
  • abusive relationships
  • raising a child/children as a single parent
  • navigating through financial hardship
  • battling addiction
  • and more!


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