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The Story of the Bible in 365 Readings

The Story of the Bible in 365 Readings

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For those that find the Bible interesting but daunting and slightly difficult to understand -- this is the book for you! 

The Story of the Buble in 365 Readings provides a clear, concise guide to God's Word by distilling scripture into easy-to-understand summaries. The book is designed for daily readings over the course of a year (but it is often easy to just keep reading)!

This book is arranged chronologically, from the creation of light in Genesis 1:3 to Jesus’ revelation of the end times to John, this book offers you both biblical and other historic details to clearly explain the events of God’s Word.

You’ll see how they affected humanity’s future—even your life today!

Colorfully designed and illustrated with classic paintings and other imagery, The Story of the Bible in 365 Readings is a “readable reference” that will help you understand the scope and meaning of God’s Word.

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